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Phototherapy Health Benefit Mankind
  • Expert in Light Spa and health
    Finnlight is a business model designed based on the application of light bath health technology.
    This model will have a revolutionary and milestone significance in the global health field.
  • Anti-aging & Reversing time
    Modern medical research confirms that the aging and
    decline of functions of the human body are closely related to the increase of free radicals in the body.
    Finnlight absorbs the concept of Finnish bath and the essence of nature,
    and promotes blood circulation and metabolism through light therapy technology,
    eliminates free radicals, and reverses time.
  • Co-buid finnlight center Shared benefits
    Finnlight does not sell equipment, but uses equipment and health technology to "build a finnlight 
    center" with partners to help stores improve profitability and market competitiveness,
    and enjoy the brand effect brought by the global brand of finnlight and Market flow.

About Us


Light bath health  Benefit mankind

Finnlight comes from the "Nordic Star" Finland. It is the highest-end health service brand in Northern Europe. It adheres to the Nordic philosophy of advocating nature and environmental protection, and brings the most precious gift of Finnlight-"Light of Life" to China for the benefit billions of people.

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Phone: 021-34976211

Email: sunjing@healthtech.onaliyun.com

Address: 9th Floor, T4, Vanke Shiyi District, No.268 Taihong Road, Minhang District, Shanghai